Welcome to the SAFFARI!

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Here is what SAFFARI Rescue is all about!cute-pics-of-dogs-and-cats

If you need assistance or want to adopt one of our beautiful animals available for adoption call or text

Ruth Rupprecht at 732-245-6691 or email SaffariAdoptions@gmail.com

SAFFARI, is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization serving Flagler County, Florida.  We pull sick, injured and medically needy animals from “high kill” shelters to get them the proper care that they need to become adoptable and/or service trained aSaffari bannernimals.

SAFFARI is committed to making a real difference in the tragic pet over population problem, as well as educating the community against neglect, improper care and abuse of companion animals. We participate in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) of feral animal colonies. SAFFARI is proactive in rehoming animals to eligible families. Our volunteers and foster families actively participate in fundraising drives, community events, and networking with other local rescuers.

SAFFARI strives to provide our veterans with desperately needed animals through the K9s for Warriors Program. We rescue sick, neglected, and death row animals trained to be companion dogs for our returning veterans.


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